Product Review – Arm & Hammer Naturals Cat Litter

Arm and Hammer Naturals Cat Litter Review

By Amy from Clean Litter Club

Video Transcript

Hey, Amy here from Clean Litter Club, today we’re going to be reviewing Arm and Hammer Naturals Litter.  It claims to eliminate odors both urine and feces odors and also claims to absorb two times as much liquid, and that it’s a low dust formula. So we’re going to put it to the test. We’ve been using it for about 2 weeks. I wish this was a zip lock bag when you cut it off it ends up just being open so I’m not sure whether the cats would want to use this as a litter box. You can see inside the way the litter looks, it does have a low dust value.

The three things that we focus on when we review litters are: number one – odor, does it stand up to odor? Number two – waste disposal and clumping, how easy is it to remove waste; how much does it stick to the bottom of the litter box? And number three – the mess that it makes.

Odor – This bag claims that it is fresh scent, it smells like my grandmother’s house. It’s very kind of a strong almost like a laundry detergent smell and when the cats use the litter box I do notice that it doesn’t eliminate odors as well as some of the traditional clumping litters.

Mess – When it comes to mess you can see down here on my floor I’ve got stuff everywhere. And this is a top entry litter box, and you can see on top of the litter box, there’s a lot of tracking going on. I would say more so, I mean just look at that on the back of the box. My cats do use it you can see they did not have any issue using it from the very beginning.

Waste disposal and Clumping – So you can see it moved right on through the sifter which is nice and you can see what the clumps look like. And here’s what’s left in the litter box. It’s mostly clean. (Scraping clump off bottom of litter box) You definitely would not want that to be mixed in with your clean litter. So the clumps kind of break apart more so than other types of litter like standard clumping litters really stick together in those clumps and this broke right apart. So here’s what’s left inside of the sifter as clean litter, you can see it mostly cleaned through pretty well. (Return that to the box).

The odor is very strong and it mostly masks the odor instead of actually eliminating it so I would give that claim probably a 5 out of 10, and if you like that laundry detergent smell this is probably the litter for you. I prefer a very light scent instead of that such a strong smell. For waste disposal and clumping, the feces went through just fine but the urine came right apart when we scraped it. So that could contribute to the smell in the litter box so we don’t want that. And then for the mess, I don’t care for the mess, the cats track it everywhere. Although it’s easy to clean up its very fine and kind of tough to clean so back to a normal traditional clumping litter for me. Please subscribe to Clean Litter Club for future reviews.