About Us

We are a family of four with 3 cats.  We love our cats, we’d love to have more cats… but we hate cleaning the litter boxes. It’s so time consuming, litter gets everywhere, and if you don’t clean the litter box often enough it really stinks!  I’ve tried soooooo many litter boxes and solutions and all of them make big promises but ultimately don’t deliver.  That’s why I invented SiftEase. This is my first time inventing a product or bringing something to market but I KNOW the litter cleaning pet owners of the world NEED SIFTEASE!!  I have to get SiftEase to everyone so they too can make light of cleaning the litter box, spend less on litter and litter box accessories, and spend more time enjoying their pets!

Mariah, 7 yrs old, with Daphne

I hope to share my entire journey from the idea phase all the way to product launch with my backers. I want your feedback. I want you to be part of the solution, and most of all, I want all of us to benefit from the end result.

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Looking forward to the future.




Clean Litter Club, LLC